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Si tienes 18 años y eres residente en un país del programa Erasmus+, es hora de ampliar tu zona de confort.

Finding new teammates starts here

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New European Bauhaus Route

Youare the New European Bauhaus. 

It is within you, your attitude, and the love you share for creating a beautiful, sustainable, inclusive future Europe as you travel with us. 

It’s a celebration of the past and an exciting look at the future. This is about you, your generation, your Europe. 

How do you want to live together? What kind of future are you creating? 

Come with us and find out.” 


Meeting the challenges of tomorrow will require a shift in how we design and build our cities – creating beautiful spaces that adapt to climate goals and ensure the inclusion of everyone.  

Enter the New European Bauhaus (NEB). The initiative combines three values: sustainability, inclusion and aesthetics. The New European Bauhaus Route brings the NEB concept to life, giving you the chance to explore forward-thinking cities during your DiscoverEU adventure.  

This Route features carefully curated destinations that represent the themes of the NEB.   

Every NEB sub-route includes at least one city that’s home to an official NEB project, so you can see the NEB in action. These ‘NEB Hero Cities’ have a strong, direct link to the European Union’s vision of a beautiful, sustainable and inclusive future. Many cities feature a particular project that’s been recognised with the New European Bauhaus Award or New European Bauhaus Rising Star Award.  

Start planning your trip along the NEB Route to get a glimpse at the future of European cities!