Solidarity Youth

Solidarity Youth

Cooperativa Libra - Informagiovani di Faenza

Faenza, Italy

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12 months volunteering in Faenza (Italy) for 2 volunteers, from Cyprus and Finland. The volunteer will work in Faenza Youth Information Center. Infopack: To apply, please fill this form:

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The volunteers will live a in double room in the guest house of Contamination LAB, in city center (, with all the utilities paid. The volunteers will get €280,00 each month for food money and pocket money. The volunteers will have access to bike sharing. Train and bus station are at walking distance.

Taħriġ matul l-attività

Besides arrival training and midterm evaluation (organized by the italian National agency, normally in Rome), the volunteers will receive Italian classes (online and face to face); training on how to use a wordpress website, basic graphic softwares, how to search and write an international project etc.

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From Cyprus and Finland. Our volunteers can be youngsters from different backgrounds, social classes and education level, with the common trait of being open to new experiences and keen on improving and empowering themselves and others. Also, we look for youngsters that wish to develop their communication skills and also use non verbal communication, who want to experience a different culture and bring back that experience to their local community. Our volunteers are keen on learning but also sharing their knowledge and actively contribute to the life of Faenza Youth information center.

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Total ta' ġimgħat: 53 . Perjodu: 01/11/2019 sa 01/11/2020

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Piazza Nenni, 48018 Faenza Italy

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