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EU-strategien for unge

EU har udviklet en EU-strategi for unge og ønsker, at de engagerer sig og bliver aktive borgere i demokratiet og samfundet. Med EU's ungdomsdialog ønsker vi, at de unge fortæller os, hvad der er vigtigt for dem.

EU Youth Dialogue

What is the EU Youth Dialogue?

The EU Youth Dialogue brings together young people and youth organisations, decision makers, as well as researchers and civil society. It serves as a forum for reflection and consultation on the follow-up of the EU Youth Strategy. The aim of the EU Youth Dialogue is to give a voice to young people, especially those with fewer opportunities.

The EU Youth Dialogue is organised into 18-month work cycles. Each cycle focuses on a different thematic priority (set by the Council of Youth Ministers).

Who is involved?

The success of EU Youth Dialogue depends on the direct involvement of young people and youth organisations. During each 18-month work cycle, every EU country conducts a national consultation of young people and youth organisations.

The participatory process in each country is organised by national working groups through representatives of youth ministries, national youth councils, youth organisations, youth workers, researchers and young people from all backgrounds.

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