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Ha 18 éves vagy, és az Erasmus+ programban részt vevő országok valamelyikében élsz, itt az ideje, hogy kiterjeszd a komfortzónádat!

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Ennek a tartalomnak jelenleg nincs Magyar nyelvű változata.

The DiscoverEU Culture Route

From towering gothic spires to game-changing fashion collections, genre-defining musical compositions and folk tales handed down from generation to generation, it’s clear that culture is the beating heart of Europe. So much so, in fact, that it can be difficult to know where and how to experience the best of it while travelling the continent for just a few days or weeks with a DiscoverEU pass. Well, we’ve got you covered! The DiscoverEU Culture Route is a collection of European destinations carefully curated for fans of film, fashion, food, fine art and more.

From Guimarães to Eskişehir and from Stavanger to Valletta, the DiscoverEU Culture Route will take you on an adventure to learn about Europe's vast and diverse cultural heritage. Choose to travel along one of our sub-routes – each one themed around a different aspect of culture, including Design, History, Music, Architecture, Literature, Fashion, Fine Art, Theatre, Cinema, Folk Art and Food – or simply make your own selection! Either way, you'll be treated to an array of cultural offerings to soothe your mind and soul.

Some of these destinations have earned recognition as a European Capital of Culture, while others have been added to the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List, or are the proud holders of a European Heritage Label. You will also find cities marked with an Access City Award label; these are cities that have gone above and beyond to become more accessible to everyone, regardless of age, mobility or ability.

So, choose a cultural topic that interests you, and start exploring…!