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Strategia dell''UE per la gioventù

L'UE ha elaborato una strategia dell'UE per la gioventù e desidera che i giovani si impegnino e diventino cittadini che partecipano attivamente alla democrazia e alla società. Vogliamo che i giovani ci dicano cosa sta loro a cuore partecipando al dialogo dell'UE con i giovani.

EU Youth Strategy 2010-2018

What is the EU's role?

While respecting Member States’ overall responsibility for youth policy, the EU Youth Strategy, agreed by EU Ministers, sets out a framework for cooperation covering the years 2010-2018.  It has two main objectives:

  • To provide more and equal opportunities for young people in education and the job market
  • To encourage young people to actively participate in society

In May 2018 the European Commission has put forward proposals for a new EU Youth Strategy for 2019-2027, which have to be discussed by the Council of the European Union.

How is this being done?

The objectives are achieved through a dual approach which includes:

  • Specific youth initiatives, targeted at young people to encourage non-formal learning, participation, voluntary activities, youth work, mobility and information
  • 'Mainstreaming' cross-sector initiatives that ensure youth issues are taken into account when formulating, implementing and evaluating policies and actions in other fields with a significant impact on young people, such as education, employment or health and well-being

The EU Youth Strategy proposes initiatives in eight areas:

What's new?

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