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ES jaunatnes stratēģija

Te vari iesaistīties un piedalīties demokrātijā un sabiedrībā. Saki mums, kas tev ir svarīgi – ES jaunatnes dialogā.

EU Youth Coordinator

EU Youth Coordinator role 

The European Commission proposed the establishment of the EU Youth Coordinator role with the objective of enhancing cross-sectoral cooperation, as well as knowledge development and exchange on youth issues in the European Commission.

The Council welcomed this intention in the Council Resolution on the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027, noting that the EU Youth Coordinator should work hand in hand with various stakeholders to ensure a coherent communication towards young people.

In its Conclusions from 29.11.2023 the Council promoted youth mainstreaming in policy decision-making processes in the European Union. It invited the European Commission to “mainstream a youth perspective in policy design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, applying that view to all areas affecting young people’s lives, involving, as appropriate at EU level, the EU Youth Coordinator.”

What does the EU Youth Coordinator do?

The EU Youth Coordinator facilitates the Commission Youth Network of youth correspondents from across the Commission and chairs the EU Youth Stakeholders Group. 

The Coordinator:

  • encourages the integration of youth perspectives (including input received through the EU Youth Dialogue) in all relevant policies, 
  • strengthens the cooperation and coordination between Commission services working on youth issues and 
  • raises awareness of EU opportunities for young people.  

Examples of activities of the EU Youth Coordinator

Biliana Sirakova was appointed as the first EU Youth Coordinator in June 2021. 

© European Union, 2021. Source: EC - Audiovisual Service

Below you will find a non-exhaustive list with the activities of Ms Sirakova.  

September – December 2021

  • Led the setup and co-creation of the 2022 European Year of Youth (EYY) national coordinators and stakeholders group 
  • Helped establish the Commission Youth Network with representatives from 15 Directorate-Generals 
  • Had 39 meetings with youth stakeholders, 34 speaking engagements, and 4 interviews. Examples: online talk on youth participation for Schwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges Europa, presentation at the ALL DIGITAL SUMMIT Social Hackademy, interview at, interview at   
  • Was a guest in the Under 30' podcast of the EU-Council of Europe Youth Partnership 
  • Recorded a video for the European Solidarity Corps general online training 


  • Undertook more than 150 outreach activities (speaking engagement at conferences, meetings with young people and stakeholders, podcasts, interviews, videos). Examples: podcast with Eurodesk, online session with the Institute for a Greater Europe, video for Housing Europe's Annual Conference in Helsinki, joint webinar of the European Commission, Eurofound and ILO, Youth in the Northen Periphery and Arctic conference, European Citizens’ Initiative Day   
  • Led the preparation and chaired 5 Commission Youth Network meetings and 11 meetings of European Year of Youth national coordinators and stakeholders group
  • Moderated 9 youth policy dialogues with Commissioners


January – July 2024 

© European Union, 2024. Source: EC - Audiovisual Service

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