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European Solidarity Corps

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Calls for proposals

2024 call 

The 2024 call for project proposals has been published. Please consult the documents and tools provided below.  

Notice in the Official Journal of the European Union

CALL FOR PROPOSALS 2024 - EAC/A11/2023 European Solidarity Corps (C/2023/1263)

European Solidarity Corps Programme Guide for 2024

The European Solidarity Corps Programme Guide 2024 is essential reading for anyone interested in applying. It details the conditions governing the projects you can apply for under the general call for proposals. 

Previous versions: 

Activity type


Where to apply

Volunteering projects

20 February 2024

1 October 2024 (optional round)

National Agency

Volunteer teams in high-priority areas

8 February 2024

European Education and Culture Executive Agency

Solidarity Projects

20 February 2024

7 May 2024 (optional round)

1 October 2024

National Agency

Volunteering under the Humanitarian Aid Corps

16 April 2024

European Education and Culture Executive Agency

Applications for the Quality Labels can be submitted on a continuous basis.

Application procedure

For the decentralised activities managed by National Agencies please apply using the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps page.  

You can find model application forms for information and preparation purposes here: Call 2024 Quality Label (ESC 50) sample, Call 2024 Volunteering projects (ESC 51) sample, Call 2024 Solidarity projects (ESC 30) sample  

For the centralised activities managed by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency information about the application forms and selection procedure will be available on the EACEA's website and Funding & tender opportunities portal.

Registering your organisation 

  1. First you need to obtain a valid EU login. The EU Login Authentication Service authenticates users of various Commission information systems (see the user guide for details).
  2. Identify where to register. Is the activity for which you want to apply managed by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency or by a National Agency? See the Registration of organisations for more information. 
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