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European Solidarity Corps

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Volunteering projects

European Solidarity Corps funding for volunteering projects helps organisations broaden their impact by hosting volunteers or sending volunteers abroad. These projects give young people an opportunity to take part in organisations’ day-to-day activities – potentially a very enriching experience for volunteers and organisations alike.

Volunteering projects are the most common type of project. Organisations taking part must hold an appropriate Quality Label (or Erasmus+ volunteering accreditation). They can apply for a European Solidarity Corps grant to cover:

  • individual volunteering (2-12 months, or, in some cases, 2 weeks to 2 months)  
  • team volunteering (2 weeks to 2 months, 10-40 participants).

Individual volunteering

Cross-border individual volunteering activities involve at least 2 organisations. They should cover the following roles:

  • a host role - covers the full range of activities associated with hosting a participant, including developing a programme of activities and guidance
  • a supporting role - entails supporting, preparing and training participants before departure, plus mediation between them and the organisation hosting them.

For in-country individual volunteering, one organisation holding a Quality Label for a host role is enough. 

Team volunteering

The minimum requirement is one organisation, regardless of the role for which it is accredited.


If your organisation applies for a volunteering project, the grant should cover the following costs: 

  • project management costs (e.g. planning, finances, coordination)
  • activity costs (e.g. preparations, monitoring of and support for participants, accommodation and food)
  • contribution to participants’ travel costs
  • support for participants with fewer opportunities
  • contribution to participants’ additional personal expenses
  • linguistic support
  • exceptional and complementary activity costs.

Applying for a grant

Is your organisation a Quality-Labelled organisation based in a programme country? If so, you should apply to the National Agency of the country where the organisation is established. 
If, however, your organisation is based in a partner country, it can act as a partner in a project, but cannot apply on its own behalf.

Please use an application form to submit your application. 

Volunteering teams in high-priority areas

This area of work is managed centrally by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). It involves funding fairly large projects carried out by teams of volunteers focusing on thematic priorities defined each year at EU level. 
Interested? Then apply to the EACEA.

Humanitarian Aid Volunteering (European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps)

This area of work is managed centrally by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Under this strand, the European Solidarity Corps supports volunteering in humanitarian aid related solidarity activities.
Interested? Then apply to the EACEA.