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European Solidarity Corps

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Network that promotes opportunities for young people to go abroad to study, learn and become active European citizens across the continent. 

It consists of national coordinators, connected to over 1,600 local information providers in 36 European countries. 

SALTO youth resource centres

A family of 6 centres in various EU countries that promote and support youth work by offering training, tools and state-of-art strategies. Each centre focuses on a specific topic or region:

European Solidarity Corps resource centre

Provides support for National Agencies, SALTOs and grant beneficiaries on practical issues relating to the Corps.


A tool that allows you to gain official recognition for any non-formal & informal learning, from your involvement in youth projects (more info).


Network of young people who already have some European experience under their belt, through the EU's youth programme (Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps), and want to share what they learnt with you, their peers.

European Solidarity Network

The European Solidarity Network (EuSN) is a young community dating back to spring 2019. They are united through a shared interest and vision to create a European network in which everybody works together to improve the experience of young Corps participants.

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