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European Solidarity Corps

Моќта на заедништвото

Before you apply

Before your organisation can apply for funding, there are several preparatory steps you need to take. 

  1. Familiarise yourself with the General call for proposals and the European Solidarity Corps Guide. The Guide is essential reading for anyone wishing to apply. It spells out the rules and conditions you need to abide by to access funding and carry out projects under the European Solidarity Corps. You may also want to ask your National Agency a few questions; it is ideally placed to support you in your preparations. 
  2. Check whether your organisation is eligible. Eligible organisations can be public, private or non-profit. Don’t forget to check if your country is on the list of eligible programme and partner countries.
  3. Get an ID for your organisation (OID). Register on the dedicated portal for organisations to get the number you and your partners will need to complete the application form. 
  4. Apply for the Quality Label. Your organisation needs a Quality Label before it can apply for funding. (This is not a requirement for Solidarity Projects.)
  5. Find a partner (if applicable). For many Corps activities, you will need to partner with an organisation in another country. One way to find suitable organisations is to search the database of organisations.
  6. Decide on your project. First, check what activities are eligible for funding under the volunteering and occupational strands. Develop your idea and draft a project proposal.  Check the permissible duration of your project, plus start and end dates.
  7. Check the deadline and dates. Check the date and time of day by which you need to submit your online application form. Applications sent after the deadline will not be considered.
  8. Complete the application form. Use the correct application form for the strand, activity and funding round you have chosen. Make sure you have enough time for the task, check that all fields are correctly completed, and validate the form. Only then can you submit your application. Good luck!

/!\ All applications for projects and accreditations must contain original content authored by the applicant or other organisations jointly applying for a grant. No other organisations or external individuals can be paid for drafting the application.

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